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Ayurveda, in Sanskrit, signifies “A Science of life”, this old study of solution and positive Health initially Originated in India is still applicable and helpful to cutting edge lives……….


Here is our wide Range of Ayurvedic Products.

Kerala Ayurveda Health focus, subsequent to making ponders in the place that is known for its beginning, Kerala, now conveys to you the same demonstrated and time tried advantages of Ayurveda, ideal here at your doorstep in Thekkady. Polished in its most flawless shape, with customary Ayurvedic home grown oils and solutions and offers superb medications for all your physical infirmities and worry to change you into a restored energized individual.Ayurvedic medicines see the sickness as a part of the entire, along these lines expelling the ailment from its root.

Mayura Ayurvedic Centre is a remarkable Panchkarma Treatment Center where a blend of some selective Massage work the worry of you , utilizing our own particular normal Ayurvedic oils , powders and herbs , which have and astounding therapeutic impact on your body , brain and soul.




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