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Ayurvedic treatment identifies the root cause of the disease or problem and remove it to gives permanent relief. Since Ayurveda believes that a disease is caused due to imbalance in doshas in the body, it recommends a nutritious diet to correct the imbalance and treat the disease. Exercises and necessary change in life style are needed for a speedy and permanent solution to the problems There are four main classifications of management of disease in Ayurveda: shodan, or cleansing; shaman or palliation; rasayana, or rejuvenation; and satvajaya, or mental hygiene.

Benefits of Ayurveda Treatment Ayurvedic treatment uses drugs, medicated oils or powder made from natural herbs and plants as a result there is no side-effects unlike other systems of medicines. Ayurvedic treatment like enables the body to be more responsive to medicines and treatment by balancing the doshas, quickening the healing process. Yoga exercises strengthens bones, muscles and important organs like heart, liver etc and improves blood circulation and keep a check on sugar levels. Ayurvedic massages, Panchakarma, yoga exercises and meditation helps in calming down the nerves and relieves the persons of all stress and frustrations in day-to-day lives. It also helps remove harmful toxins from the body, making you feel good and relaxed.

Body Massage

Abhyanga or Ayurvedic Massage is antiquated Indian Ayurvedic oil knead treatment for recuperating and detoxifying Body, Mind and Spirit. This Ayurvedic detox and stress lessening treatment is performed by home grown oils. It joins a sweet-smelling mix of oils arranged with herbs warmed and mixed to your Dosha sort. An assortment of Ayurvedic methods is connected to work along the vitality directs of your body in a synchronized way to reestablish the stream of indispensable vitality, Prana, where it has turned out to be blocked. Lymphatic incitement with ayurvedic home grown oils crush out lethal amassing from channels. Consequently it is DETOXIFYING rub. Warm oil is the best solution for Vata which is overseeing vitality for solid body and psyche, Abhyanga oil kneads starts profound recuperating inside cells.


In this treatment, lukewarm medicated oil would be poured on patients body in a special rhythematic manner for 45 – 60 minutes. It can be done as a single day course or 7 – 21 days course depending on the health conditions. Pizhichil is a type of Ayurvedic Massage which combines two modes of therapies, i.e Oil therapy and heat therapy. It is a mild and coordinated body massage, which is done with constantly flowing warm medicated herbal oil. Thus, it combines the goodness of both oils and heat. When medicated oil is massaged, its healing elements are directly absorbed in the body through skin. The massage enhances the blood circulation and thus helps to balance mind and body.

Indications : Spondylises, Arthritis, Hemiplegia, Nervous disorders.


Nasyam is very effective Ayurveda remedy and it ensures relaxation for head related problems especially for many type of headaches. The illness in the head region would get much relax after Nasyam. Nostrills are the entry point of Nasyam treatment and it’s the door way to brain where Nasyam treatment applies.Nasyam is a very important treatment especially for the illness in the head region.Through the nostrils the medicated oil and powder are applies and this process is called Nasyam. There are many type of Nasyams in Ayuirveda. Nasyam is a toxin removing process and it’s very helpful to get relax for head related problems.  The importance of Nasyam is much relevant in this modern era, because everywhere we’ll find the diseases with problems in head. The patient gets relaxation after Nasyam especially with toxin removing from head,neck,brain,ear and throat.


Kizhi (Pinda Swedam) Ayurveda treatment is a type of massage performed using small satchels containing herbal powders, herbs, rice or sand.  Depending upon the type of material used, kizhi is classified as, PodiKizhi that uses dry powdered herbs, ElaKizhithat uses raw herbs mainly leaves and roots, NavaraKizhi that uses special Navara Rice and ManalKizhi that uses sand particles.Kizhi Massage is indicated in following health conditions: Pain Management & Stress Management or, its indicated in Spondylosis, Hemiplegia, Rheumatism and Joint pains. Herbal medicine powder would be held inside a small linen cloth bundle and massaged.

Steam Bath

Since many centuries, steam baths have always considered as an amazing way to relax the mind and the body of a person.  When herbs used in the steam baths, person gets better results. Steam opens the pores of the body and the botanicals are absorbed properly into the body. Besides this, steam facilitates the breathing of a person. In this way, person inhales herbs with steam and breathing. Herbal steam bath is based on the Thai and ayurvedic traditional medicine and it is used for physical health and for relaxing mind. The medicated steam from aromatic herbs will make the body sweat and open up small pores of skin.


Shirodhara is an amazing, unique body therapy from the ancient natural medical system Ayurveda. Shirodhara has a profound impact on the nervous system. That means, the treatment directly and immediately calms, relaxes and has a cleansing effect on the mind and nerves. In the western alternative medicine world, there may not be another therapy that has a similar impact on the nervous system, apart from an established meditation practice. In this treatment lukewarm herbal oils poured on forehead from an earthen pot in a special manner. This is good for migraine, insomnia and also keeps head cool.This treatment has a profound impact on the nervous system.It has a cleaning effetct on mind and making you feel good and relaxed.


Special treatments are available after consultation with our doctors for :

  • Arthritis
  • Rheumatic Complaints
  • Spondylosis
  • Disc Problims
  • Dogestive Disorders
  • Sinusitis
  • Low Back Ache
  • Hypertention
  • Insomnia

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Mayura Ayurvedic Centre

Mayura Ayurvedic Centre at Thekkady was established in 1994 and offers excellent service in Ayurvedic Treatments and Massage. Mayura is a well known Ayurvedic centre which is working as per the norms of Government of Kerala.

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